New Skincare I’m Trying

I’ve needed a little skincare shakeup, so I ran to Sephora and picked up these two beauties.

First up is Tatcha’s ‘The Essence.’ I had read so many good things about including this step in your routine, and especially from this brand. It claims to help soften your skin and helps other products applied after have a greater effect. I have already fallen in love, it just feels amazing and my skin just drinks it up. It kind of smells like sake, but it’s quite subtle. Also, the bottle has a cool silicon pour spout that helps slow the speed down so I don’t spill it everywhere, very fancy stuff! This is definitely a step that I don’t see myself skipping anytime soon.

And then I also picked up the beautiful blue Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Balancing Facial Oil. It gets its blue color from Blue Tansy, which is said to reduce inflammation and clarify the skin. I’ve been wanting to try this for so long because my skin tends to get congested around my chin and jawline and hopefully this will help. It reminds me of Sunday Rileys Luna Sleeping Night Oil, just slightly thicker, and this does not have retinol.

Since using these two, I’ve noticed that during the day, I don’t get as oily as usual and my skin is more balanced. I have to say that I am very happy with both of my new additions and I really want to explore more form both of these brands.

Have you been trying any new skincare lately?