Five Shows to Watch

Master of None Aziz Ansari’s show that takes place in New York City and follows his ups and downs while dating and in his career. It’s modern and relatable, hilariously covering super relevant topics for all of us trying to find our way in this complicated world. The show is charming and humorous, and some scenes are just all too real. Definitely give it a go.

Victoria From Masterpiece on PBS chronicling the beginnings of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. It stars the adorable Jenna Coleman and she plays Victoria wonderfully. The show is historically accurate for the most part; certain scenes are said to be quite true and the timeline so far follows true events leading to the couple’s marriage. I love period dramas and Masterpiece always delivers. I’ve heard that the two leads are dating in real life as well, so all that on screen chemistry is real! The show also brings that upstairs, downstairs contrast between aristocracy and servants that I loved in Downtown Abbey and missed in the Crown. I can’t wait for season two!

Black Mirror This is a weird show and it leaves me feeling uneasy and uncomfortable every time I watch. With that being said, I love the creativity and the cause for reflection on what if this one day becomes a reality. Each episode is its own story and they all take place in a dystopian society. Very much like the Twilight Zone, the episodes are unusual and make you question everything as we move toward our technologically ruled future.

The Good Wife/The Good Fight I began the Good Wife well after it originally aired, at first dismissing it as a cheap network drama. How wrong I was. I began to love the show for its substance and depth. It begins with Alicia Florrick being thrust back onto the job scene as a lawyer so that she can pay the bills while her husband is in prison due to a very public scandal. She has to climb the ladder again while dealing with the public humiliation that her husband’s scandal has caused. The best part is the cases she has to work on and how current and relevant they are to our very own lives in the real world. The Good Fight is the spinoff show they began after TGW ended. Also, the courtroom drama is the best.

Game of Thrones Dare I say greatest of all time?! This is definitely my favorite TV show. Ever. The story just gets better and the build up of the characters hasn’t faltered even into its seventh season. It can get complicated at times and it’s tricky to remember everyone’s name, but that’s what the internet is for! And also why I love it; to become engrossed in its immense world and sit on the edge of my seat wondering who’s going to die next.

What are your favorite shows to watch?