Beauty On The Go

These are the things I always carry with me on a regular basis. Having them with me makes me feel prepared for anything! I like to keep them in my clear Madewell toiletry bag. I like that it’s easy to see what I’ve got, but it can be a little bulky. This works for now. Let’s dive into what’s in it.

Hairbrush – Pretty damn essential for me. I’ve got medium to long length and it’s somewhat fine, but there’s a lot of it. So it can get pretty tangled, especially at the back near my neck. Having this is crucial for luscious locks. I like this Conair one because it is on the smaller size but has full-length bristles. And yes, I cleaned the hair out of it before taking these photos.

Dry Shampoo – This isn’t exactly an essential for me and I don’t use it every day, but it’s brilliant to have. On those days when my hair feels greasy and limp, this certainly helps. I really like this brand and it works great. I like to coat the upper roots a bit, which will show white residue, but just let it soak up the oil a bit then shake through it with your fingers.

Eye Drops – I like to use these when I’m feeling tired and my eyes are dry (obvs) and I need a jolt. This particular brand is no joke and does sting slightly, but I’ve grown to love its refreshing zing! They just brighten you right up and help me feel less groggy and more alert.

Perfume Atomizer – Or travel perfume. I love the atomizer by Travelo because I don’t have to buy a separate to-go perfume. With it, I can just fill it from my main bottle. I only ever wear one scent and this helps me make sure I always have it for spritzing throughout the day.

Face Mist – A luxury for sure, but so worth it. Again, this helps me feel energized and rejuvenated when the day is getting long and I need a pick me up. Something that smells divine is necessary. I’m loving this Tatcha Fast Mist right now, but I also love the Caudalie Beauty Elixer as well.

Chapstick – This is a must for me and I’ve been loving Palmers Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick for years. I currently have one everywhere; nightstand, purse, gym bag. It is a multi-use product that basically can be used as a balm for all sorts of things. Sometimes I rub it into my cuticles or on my elbows if they’re feeling dry, but I mainly use it for my lips. Definitely give it a try.

Hand Lotion – Dry hands suck so I carry this little tube around. This one by Eucerin works great at nourishing my dry skin.

Tampon – Don’t leave home without one! I really like this brand because they only use organic cotton, which is super important to me! Let’s pass on the rayon and harsh chemicals! Plus it’s a subscription service, so it comes to my door every month.

Lipcolor – I like a stain and a lipstick tube with me and will use whatever suits my mood. In my bag right now is the CoverGirl stain in 440 and the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy. Two of my absolute favorites!

Nail File and Clippers – I hate it when I break a nail and I don’t have a file or clippers. These help me keep my nails and cuticles neat, which helps me feel more put together. I like this clipper set I have because it’s dual-sided; one side is angled and the other straight. Not sure that brand they are, but I got them from Target.

Powder – I tend to get oily throughout the day and using a translucent powder helps me keep the shine under control. I love this compact from Maybelline because it’s actually a decent color match for me. I wish the packaging was slimmer, it can be a little clunky, but it’s super affordable and works well.

What do you always like to have with you?