10 Bad Beauty Habits to Break

1 – Not cleaning your makeup brushes often enough. So guilty. It can be such a chore to commit to, but I’ve found that setting a schedule and just banging it out is the only option for me.

2 – Not drinking enough water. So often I simply forget to drink water. It usually gets replaced with coffee. Always carrying around a refillable bottle helps me to remember. A water drinking app has helped me as well.

3 – Not wearing sunscreen daily. For me, finding a sunscreen that I actually like has helped me immensely, yet it is still an extra step that I have to remind myself is necessary.

4 – Picking at your face. It can be a challenge for me to not lean into the mirror and scrutinize my face. But without a doubt that never ends well. I’ve learned to trust the spot treatments and leave my fingers out of it! My skin thanks me for it.

5 – Not getting enough sleep. More often than not, I’m staying up too late watching a show or scrolling through my phone. I’m still practicing turning off the screens at a reasonable hour and getting more shut-eye.

6 – Not washing your pillowcase as often as you should. I try to do this at least once a week, with my sheets as well.

7 – Picking at your nails and cuticles. I tend to do this absent-mindedly, and I end up hurting myself. If you need some upkeep, do it with intention by giving yourself a mani, or leave it to the professionals.

8 – Sleeping in your makeup. Wash your face ladies and gents. Every night. I actually enjoy it. I bask in the ritual of coming home, washing the day off and slathering on my beloved skincare.

9 – Comparing ourselves to others. It isn’t easy to be grateful for what you have. In an Instagram world, we can become jealous and resentful. Practicing gratitude and positivity is so much more rewarding and will thrust you toward your dreams.

10 – Not loving yourself for who you are. So often I hear people speak so ill of themselves and their appearance. They hate this, don’t like that, want this to be different. I can think of myself that way sometimes. But my higher-self tries to remind me that self-love is the most important step towards loving others and to being loved in return.

What are your bad beauty habits and how do you break them?